Canapés, rolls, savory cakes ...

Ham and gauda canapés, Russian salad canapés, gorgonzola canapés, tenderloin canapés, Srem sausage canapés, ham canapés, meatball or sesame chicken canapés, VIP canapés...



Ham, tenderloin, tuna, prosciutto...

For kids and adults



Wrapped smoked chicken, pork, mix

Baked wrapped smoked chicken, dried meat-wrapped chicken, minced meat loaf with spinach, cocktail barbecue, sarma, roasted pork, wrapped roasted pork, cocktail barbecue...




We offer all kinds of salads and spreads

Chicken, Russian, sesame, mimosa, corn, salad with mushrooms, beef salad, tzatziki salad ...



Kids' birthdays

Special menu for kids' birthdays:
Cocktail pastry, mini kiflas, gorgonzola and pistachio canapés, “Woody” canapés, mini kebabs...

Take a look at our menu suggestions

Corporate receptions

We can fulfill all your corporate reception needs. We can offer advice to help you make the best selection for yourself and your guests.

Take a look at our menu suggestions


Delivery within the Pančevo area is free of charge.
We charge 600 RSD for delivery to Belgrade. Delivery to other areas is charged at 30 RSD per kilometer.

Each bite tells a story

Food brings us together, relaxes us and makes us satisfied. Our senses always focus on it, regardless of whether it comes from our own kitchen or some exotic location. Each mouthfull is a tiny universe and each of them has its own story - no matter what the occasion might be, people always talk about food.

So you take care of your guests, and Rajski Zalogaj will prepare, arrange and deliver exquisitely crafted savory and sweet delicacies to your address. We offer all kinds of canapés, sandwiches, savory bites, meat dishes, rolls, salads, savory cakes, pastries, cakes, cookies...
Your private or corporate receptions, birthday parties, seminars and religious celebrations will be remembered for their tasty and expertly arranged food. We can offer advice to help you make the best selection for you and your guests.

If food preparation is art, we create food that wakes up all senses and satisfies all tastes!

Your catering service,
Rajski Zalogaj

Contact Information:

Address: Ketering Rajski Zalogaj kontakt
Ive Kurjačkog 59,
26000 Pančevo, Serbia

Telephone numbers:

065 88 31 758
064 25 99 548


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